DIY Powerful 3 in 1 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

This tutorial is about the building of a 3 in 1 Mini Bluetooth speaker. Making Bluetooth Speaker is great as the first project for anyone that is just starting with making. It's relatively simple to build and is useful. Everything in this project can be built using common hand tools. So anyone who has some basic tools can build it during the weekend.

This Speaker Can be used as:

1. Bluetooth Speaker

2. Power Bank

3. Flashlight


1. 3W Speaker: Amazon / Banggood

2. Passive Radiator: Amazon / Aliexpress

3. Bals Wood - 12 x 7 cm , 12x4 cm, 4x6 cm : Amazon / Aliexpress

4. Bluetooth amplifier module: Amazon / Banggood

5. TP4056: Amazon / Banggood

6. 18650 Battery: Amazon / Banggood

7. 1W LED: Amazon / Aliexpress

8. LED Lens: Amazon / Banggood

9. 3mm LED: Amazon / Banggood

11. 330R Resistors: Amazon / Banggood

12. 3R 0.5W Resistor: Amazon / Aliexpress

13. Slide Switch: Amazon / Banggood

14. Rocker Switch: Amazon / Banggood

15. 22 AWG Wire: Amazon / Banggood

16. Super Glue: Amazon / Banggood

Schematic Diagram:

After building the project, I will recommend charging the battery with a USB charger. During the charging, the status LED glows red and when it becomes blue indicates that fully charged. Turn on the power switch, the green led on the left panel will ON. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for the nearby Bluetooth devices. The name of this device is " DW-CT14+".Then pair it and play your favorite song.

Enjoy !!!

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