DIY Solar Lamp V2.0

Solar energy is clean and limitless, and the operational costs are close to nothing once you’ve installed a solar panel as no fuel is needed to create a considerable amount of energy. And a single kerosene wick burns an estimated 80 liters of fuel, producing more than 250 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year.

To help people living in remote places with limited access to electricity, we made a low-cost solar light bulb as a replacement for a harmful kerosene lamp.

I have already posted an Instructable on this project. The earlier version is quite popular on the internet and useful for people all around the globe. So, I thought to redesign the lamp.

In this article, I will share the entire design process of my DIY solar lamp ( PCB Design, Enclosure Design, and Assembling).

This project was presented at AU 2020 conference, you can watch the full video.


1.Use of the solar lamp will decrease the amount of local air pollution and saves energy.

2. It also came out as an alternative business model with the potential to strengthen the overall rural economy by generating technology-based livelihood opportunities.

3. It can provide access to solar lamps at an affordable price to a wide range of audience living in the remote villages that are deprived of clean energy access.


1. Solar Panel -2V ( Amazon )

2. IC QX5252F ( Amazon )

3. 33uH Inductor ( Amazon )

4. 8mm Straw Hat LED ( Amazon )

5. Switch ( Aliexpress )

6. DC Jack ( Amazon )

7. AA NiMh Battery ( Amazon )

8. Battery Spring Plates ( Amazon )

9. 22 AWG wires ( Amazon )

10. Heatshrink Tubing ( Amazon )

10. JST male-female connectors ( Amazon )

11. PCB ( PCBWay)

12. 1W Solar Panel ( 3 - 5V ) ( Amazon )

13. Spray Paint - Bright Chrome ( Amazon )

Tools Used

1. Soldering Iron ( Amazon )

2. Wire Stripper ( Amazon )

3.Nipper ( Amazon )

4. Hot Air Gun ( Amazon )

5. 3D Printer ( Amazon )

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