Imagine you are a gadget lover or hobbyist /tinkerer or RC enthusiast and you are going for a camping or outing .Your smart phone/MP3 player battery run out,you have taken a RC Quad Copter,but not able to fly for a long time. So you definitely need a good charger to charge the battery. Am I right ? But where can you get a power source at that location ? Do not worry,this instructable is solutions for all of your problems.

Here's a full video tutorial and demo

Lithium Ion (Li Ion) and Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries are one type of rechargeable battery that provides high energy density and available in variety of shapes and sizes.Due to their light weight and compact size they are extensively used in various portable devices/gadgets like Smart Phone,Tablets,MP3,Radio-Controlled (RC) toys,Flash lights etc. I can assume in daily life we use at least one gadget/device which is powered by li ion /lipo battery.The main draw back of this type batteries are that they are highly sensitive and any mistakes in handling them may leads to explosion. LiPo batteries require special charging algorithm to charge it.Therefore, charging them correctly with a charger specifically designed for lithium chemistry is critical to both the life span of the battery pack, and of course your safety.

In this instructable I will show you how to make a cheap and powerful solar Li Ion/Lipo battery charger.

It can charge ICR ( LiCoO2 chemistry ) and IMR (LiMnO2 chemistry) battery type.

It supports variety of battery sizes ( 26650,25500,18650,18500,17670,17500 and many smaller sizes),only need a suitable battery holder according to the battery size.I made it for 18650 and Lipo battery.

Note : It can charge a single 3.7V Li Ion or LiPo cell.

Disclaimer: Please note that you are playing with Li Ion battery which contain highly reactive chemicals. I cannot be held responsible for any loss of property, damage, or loss of life if it comes to that. This tutorial was written for those who have knowledge on rechargeable lithium ion technology.Please do not attempt this if you are novice. Stay Safe.

Full Project is on Instructables

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