The heart of the project is Intel Edison board. It is hooked up to the various sensors (like soil moisture,light,temperature,water flow etc) and a Water Pump.The sensors monitor the different parameters like Soil Moisture, Sun Light and Water flow/ Consumption then fed to Intel Board. Then the Intel board process the data coming from the sensors and give command to the Water Pump for watering the plant.

The various parameters are then send to web through the the Intel Edison inbuilt WiFi.Then it is interfaced with Blynk apps for monitoring the plant from your Smartphone/Tablets.

For easy understanding I divided the projects in to smaller sections as below

1. Getting Started With Edison

2. Power Supply for the Project

3. Connecting and testing the Sensors

4. Making Circuit / Shield

5. Interfacing with Blynk App

6. Software

7. Preparing the Enclosure

8. Final Testing

Full Project is on Instructables

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